Saturday, September 6, 2008

Franz Marc

Tiershicksale, ( The Fate of the Animals)
Franz Marc, 1913

On the back Marc wrote: "Und Alles Sein
ist flammend Leid" " And all being is
flaming agony."

Hans Rookmaacker said in Modern Art
and the Death of Culture:
"We see a rigid structure of cubist style.
If we look closer we discover deer, more
deer , until we see the whole picture is made
up of deer, running, standing, lying. The
fate of the animals : they are bound to
cosmic laws which are rigid and leave no
room for freedom of any kind. They are
bound to die."

"There is deep pessimism behind Marc's
work. We must realize that this is really
much deeper and truer to reality than a
superficial optimism. It does not bypass
the truth of which the Bible speaks when
it says that all creation is groaning in
travail, longing to be set free from its
bondage to decay. Alas , Marc did not
know that there can be salvation from this
death, that creation will be set free."

Romans 8:22
For we know that the whole creation
groaneth and travaileth in pain
together until now.

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ceilidhsongs said...

what struck me most in class the other day was what Marc said about "growing to hate all nature". That was really kind of devastating, because of the phrasing he used. The contrast between the words growing (which implies life and hope) and hate simply do not go together. It mad me very sad for him.