Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monet and Kandinsky


Vassily Kandinsky viewed Claude Monet's
Haystack paintings in 1891 in Moscow.
He was struck by the color and the fact
that he couldn't tell in some of them
what the painting was of. Monet did a
series of Haystack painting in one day
and different seasons to see how the light
changed. Another series was Rouen
Cathedral. Kandinsky comes to Germany,
teaches at Bauhaus in Munich ( an arch-
itectural school) and has the courage from
Monet to paint color. 20 years later, he
paints Abstract Art.

Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Odessa. Port. 1898

"Odessa. Port"

1898 year
Oil on canvas
65х45 sm

Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Autumn Landscape with Boats. 1908

"Autumn Landscape with Boats"

1908 year
Oil on board
71х96,5 sm
Switzerland. The Merzbacher collection

Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Bright Picture. 1913

"Bright Picture"

1913 year
Oil on canvas
77,8х100,2 sm

Vassily Kandinsky, Composición VII, 1923

Painter Wassily Kandinsky. Painting. Strong. 1929 year

"Strong". 1929 year

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